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Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Ridock King is not just a hip hop artist dedicated to using his craft to have a positive impact on others, but a brand representing culture and entrepreneurship. Greatly influenced by hip hop music at a young age, he began writing poems, stories and songs.


Ridock always saw music as more than just entertainment, but a teaching tool, a way to obtain spiritual uplift, a means of networking, and a great way to appropriately market. Though some may define his style as underground, conscious or hip hop soul, he has developed into a well rounded music artist with the ability to touch on different life topics effectively. 


Ridock King has multiple music projects that have been released, the latest "S.A.F.E Combination" and there is much anticipation for his upcoming 7 track E.P. Titled "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" That is full of messages, adversity, perseverance, and great stories.  


“I have experienced so much in life. I have learned many things and I feel like music, particularly hip hop, can be that conduit to not only tell my story but to help encourage others to tell theirs,” the artist said. 


He hosted a community-screening event of his music video for the positively impactful song titled “Child Support” on November 7, 2015. The official video can be viewed on the music section of this site.  


In addition to his music, Ridock is dedicated to entrepreneurship and giving back to the community. He is a self published book author. His newly published children's book "Nasir Perseveres" ( has families and children inspired and excited about entrepreneurship and community involvement. He leads by example by volunteering his time to feed the homeless and coach youth sports.

 He is currently in discussion with school and community leaders to develop a program based around the concepts of the book. "Nasir Perseveres" has many endeavors attached that will be highly success and that will have a significant positive impact on the culture and communities on a global scale.


Building our communities and our culture is paramount. This is a "together task" no one man can accomplish this feat alone. That is why it is imperative that we work together as people who are impacted by negative systems that are in place.

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